The potential of sublimation

Sublimation, essential for positioning and promotion.

Sublimation, essential for positioning and promotion.

The sublimation industry offers a world of possibilities to entrepreneurs, manufacturers of promotional items, designers and textile producers. Through this method that stands out for its versatility, there is the possibility of transforming inspiration into exclusive pieces, in a simple way. This trend is key for any entrepreneur who is looking to increase their business production with growth projection and who, with the help of cutting-edge technology, can achieve dynamism in their economy.


This process has existed since the 1980s era, and with the emergence of innovative printing solutions, it has become a trend that expands business opportunities and innovation possibilities in Latin America. Through sublimation you can start a business providing services for different areas, such as: women’s fashion clothing, men’s fashion, haute couture, sports accessories, interior decoration elements, signage, and functional promotional items.


But why is the production of promotional items important? A promotional item is one of the traditional tools that allows companies to remain present in the minds of consumers, potential customers or collaborators. Over the years, both small and large businesses that have been successful around the world have invested part of the budget corresponding to the Marketing Area, in the production of articles to promote a brand, increase results and establish a lasting bond with their customers. customers and consumers.


The real power of this tool comes from its duration. Being functional resources that can be used daily, the desired message will be transmitted throughout the useful life of the item. To achieve this, the sublimation method is a fundamental piece, since this printing process uses heat and pressure to transform special inks printed on paper into gas and fix them permanently on personalized garments and objects. Products such as: cups, glasses, thermos, office supplies, advertising items, bags, among others.


Therefore, those entrepreneurs who plan to make their way in the sublimation sector will be about to start in a sector with a good return on investment, but what tools are required to start? Within the first phases of a venture, it is essential to develop a business plan, know the market and highlight a value proposition. Similarly, an investment in quality technology and equipment must be made. There are various kinds of sublimation printers, heat presses, transfer plates, paper, accessories and other items needed to start a business on the market.


Shurez, is one of the companies that remains at the forefront in this industry with the innovative generation integrated by large format printing printers, they become the ideal ally. Each of the models in the line are optimized for entrepreneurs looking to maximize productivity and maintain a low total operating cost. Particularly the Shurez reference 1074 – 1078 printer has efficient features, such as the powerful technologies and accompanying software (Photoprint and Printexp), designed to optimize workflow applications and achieve high professional quality prints, covering all needs. and meeting delivery deadlines.


The sublimation of promotional items is a great opportunity to imagine, print and create designs in simple steps at a low cost. With its innovative technology, our commitment to entrepreneurs who require new ways of doing business that are sustainable over time.