UV Raccoon 2403
Branding machine

The Raccoon 2403 delivers high-quality graphics onto a wide range of applications such as Product Labels, Branding, Mockups, Promotional Custom POD labels, Custom Asset Tags, Barcode Labels, Expanded Content labels, Security Labeling, Membrane Switches Circuits, Qwerty Keyboards, and more…


Unique In-Line UV Print Lamination system that provides superior color gamut and bright realistic stunning effects. 

Low level Ink Alert System – to avoid production interruption or downtime 

Automation – Print load media sensor, lamination and liner release, media rewinder systems 

Performance – Print Head jam strike sensor and NIC (network card) included. 

Brilliant image quality – UV curable digital inks provide superior quality, vivid images of gloss varnish to the tactile dimensions created with embossing features. UV Varnish printing option applied to specific areas of artwork to create eye-catching contrast (aka spot Varnish). UV White under base print option available. 

Versatility – Uneven surface or edge application capabilities, targeting industries like Cosmetics, Beauty, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Chemical, etc.


Printing Head: Piezoelectric
Number of Printheads: 3
Printing width: 24″ / 60cm
Printing media: A, B film
Ink type: UV DTF
Ink Capacity: 1000ml
Ink Set: CMYK + white + Varnish

Printing speed:

Quality (8 pass): Up to 20 ft / h – 12ft2 (6.0 m/h – 3.6 m2/h)
Production (6 pass): Up to 30 ft / h – 18ft2 (9 m/h – 5.4 m2/h)
Quality (4 pass): Up to 40 ft / h – 24ft2 (12 m/h – 7.3 m2/h)

*Printer speed depends on the prints quality.
*m/h:linear meter by hour, m2/h: square meters by hour.
*ft/h linear feet by hour, ft2/h: square feet by hour.

Interface: Gb-Ethernet (1000 base-T)
Software Rip: Flexiprint ESS V22
File compatibility: PDF, JPG, TIFF, etc.
Dimensions: 67 in x 34 in x 56 in
Voltage: 220V
Printer power: 1800 W
Weight: 562 Lb / 254 Kg
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