Rooster S2402

Ink alarm

Carriage Antiscratch

Pinch Roller

Front heating plate

– High resolution due to droplet size. 
– Recirculation system: Avoids clogging of white ink ensuring fluidity and normal operation.
– Ink activator system: prevents white ink sedimentation.
– Polyamide vibrator system for greater adherence and utility.
– Air filter to remove impurities from the heater.
– Automatic tension system to guarantee a uniform advance when printing.
– Motor (Take Up) to pick up the printed material.
– Continuous ink supply system, ink tanks and cartridges included without chip blocker.
– Heater controller: Electronic device that controls the temperature on printing area.
– Front heating plate: heating plate folds to save space.
– Media holder: front and back handle to adjust film ́s pressure.
– Ink alarm system: Ink level alarm for each color channel.
– Static elimination for cleanliness and better adherence to fabrics.
– SHUREZ Flexi Software with built-in tools for better performance in production environment.
– Adjustable drying speed depending on print size.
– Robust Pinch Roller system: Holds down media that is not straight or comes loose, preventing misalignment during printing.


Head: Piezoelectric head
Number of heads: 2
Printing width: 24″ / 60cm
Ink cartridges: CMYK + White – Pigment ink
Printing resolution: 
Production quality:
6 passes
720 x 1800
Up to 40ft linear/h (23.6 ft2)
High quality:
8 passes
720 x 2400
Up to 30ft linear/h (17.7 ft2)
Software RIP: Shurez Flexiprint
Printing material: Polyester film (BoPET)
Temperature: 64 – 55°F
Humidity: 35 – 65%
Weight: 379 lb / 407 Lb + 383 Lb / 440Lb
Dimensions: 90 x 28 x 25in + 49 x 45 x 49in
Drying system: Front and rear heating + color ink heating
Printer: 110 V AC: one 110 V AC + UPS
                            one 220 V AC
          – 220 V AC: one 220 V AC + UPS
Shake Powder machine: One 220 V AC
Voltage: 220 V AC / 110 V AC
Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
Printer power: 4 Kw (total consumption)
Aplications: Fashion line, fashion, advertising and footwear.